Study Shows That 55% of Nurses Report Paranormal Experiences

Nurses witness the moment of dying more than any other profession. They are with patients during their last moments until death and sometimes also witness miraculous come backs. Many nurses have personal  paranormal cases to share that conventional thinking cannot explain.

The Journal of Scientific Exploration has recently published research (Anomalous/Paranormal Experiences Reported by Nurses in Relation to Their Patients in Hospitals) conducted by Alejandro Parra and Paola Giménez Amarilla concluding that 55% of nurses interviewed have had at least one paranormal experience while at work. The study involved responses from a population of 100 nurses from Argentina (questionnaires were sent to 130 nurses from which 100 replied). Subjects interviewed mentioned a variety of inexplicable experiences such as the feeling or a presence; hearing strange sounds; voices and dialogues and intuitively knowing what disease patients had.

About 20% of the nurses mentioned that they had witnessed patients recovering from death and speaking of their near death experiences (NDEs). Approximately 24% of the respondents knew of such experiences by others, but had not had any themselves. An 18% also mentioned recovery from ilness through a religious intervention.The nurses seem to accept these phenomena as part of their job and do not appear to be afraid. 

If you know nurses try to start a conversation about their paranormal experiences at work. You will be surprised.

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