Supermoon on 14th of November. Largest Since 1948


On the night of the 14th of November, the Moon will appear bigger and brighter  than usual. In fact, on this day the Moon will be bigger than any other time in the last 68 years.

The Moon’s orbit is not 100% circular but elliptical. Sometimes the point of orbit closest to Earth (known as the perigee) coincides with the full Moon. This phenomenon is known as the supermoon. Supermoons are 14% bigger and 30% brighter than regular full moons. At perigree the distance between the Earth and Moon is 354,000 kilometres (about 220,000 miles) while at apogee the Moon is farther away at a distance of about 409,000 kilometres (about 254,000 miles)

This supermoon will be the biggest of the 21st century. The next supermoon of same magnitude will be in 2034. This year counts three supermoons, the major one on 14th of November and two smaller ones on the 16th of October and 14th of December. There are theories that support that at times of 

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