The Friendship Case: Mass Contact Between Humans & Aliens


In the 1950s, Italy witnessed a case of mass contact between humans and aliens. The contact between the humans and the aliens was systematic and organised. More than 100 civilians from all walks of life took part in the contacts with the aliens. The contactees were not mentally unstable but included prominent members of the Italian society such as writers, politicians, academics businessmen, artists, etc. According to the testimonies of the  individuals that came forward the extraterrestrials operated from numerous underground bases and were benevolent.

The story became public by Stefano Breccia who decided to document some of the testimonies after being encouraged bt Bruno Samacicia the leader of the contactee group. The case mainly took place around Pescara; a town on the east coast of Italy. The contacts started in 1956 and lasted for a considerable number of years.

According to Bruno Samacicia the aliens were not a single race but a group of extraterrestrial beings coming from different parts of the universe. Although the aliens looked like human beings there we differences in height that ranged from 1 to 6 meters.

Everything started in April 1956 when three friends (including Bruno Samacicia) decided to go for a walk around a local castle. While walking they met with two individuals in a path near the castle. Both looked human but they had a considerable difference in height. One stood at 1 meter and the other at 2.5 meters. The three friends started to talk to the friendly aliens. The extraterrestrials in perfect Italian revealed their identity and shared extraordinary information. They disclosed that they had been on earth for many centuries; that man was destroying the planet and that they were on Earth to ensure that the situation would not get out of hand.

Since that date meetings between the three friends were frequent. The circle of contactees would keep increasing. The aliens shared intriguing information about their bases scattered in Italy and around the world. Their largest base was located at the depths of the Adriatic sea standing at a length of 300 km and a height of 150 km. Such was the size of this base that it had its own climate.

Very soon the alien friends started asking for favours. The aliens would ask for large quantities of fruit, metals and various minerals. The large quantities would be unloaded using teleporting. The humans were puzzled why such an advanced civilizations required their help for the supply of goods. One plausible explanation is that these exercises served in maintaining the sense of cohesion between the alien friends and the humans.

Most of the UFO sightings would be organised by appointment. The alien friends would set a location and a date and time so that the involved humans could get organised with cameras. Some of the photographs were featured in an article published at the time in the weekly newspaper Domenica del Corriere. Other media was used in the production of a documentary. Until now experts have not found any indication that the pictures and films available could be forgeries. 

To communicate with the humans the aliens would send their messages through the household radios or televisions. The friends revealed the existence of an enemy alien race with which they were in conflict. This enemy race was  unethical and materialistic and they were concerned that we humans would follow the same path. The alien friends were incapable of causing harm. They drew their power from fostering friendship, cohesion, loyalty and morality and believed that love should guide every though and action.

Breccia has information indicating that at least 120 Italians were involved in the contacts with the alien friends. Contact with this group of aliens was not only limited to Italy but included, France, Germany, Switzerland, Argentina and probably many other countries.

The aliens called themselves “Akrij”. According to Breccia the word in Sanskrit means “the sages”, similar meanings were identified in Ancient Greek and Egyptian hieroglyphics.

The documentary produced by UFOTV describes the case and features testimonies from some of the protagonists and provides many interesting details such as the reasons for establishing contact with humans, their technology and how the contacts ended.


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