The Mysterious Mount Kailash

Mount Kailash (6714m) is situated in the far-west of Tibet and is considered sacred by the Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Ayyavazhi. The peak is surrounded by five monasteries that seem to have been build to take advantage of the sacred territory. Although considered a holy place by so many, relatively few visit as access and travel to Kailash is difficult and time consuming.  According to Hindu tradition Lord Shiva resides on the mountain peak with his wife  Parvati. The medieval Hindu text Vishnu Purana states that the mountain’s four faces are made of crystal, ruby, gold, and lapis lazuli. Until now the mountain is considered unconquered.

The mountain´s peak is considered unconquered. Mountaineers attempting to climb the peak faced many difficulties or abandoned at last minute. A few years back the Chinese government gave permission for a Spanish expedition to climb Kailash but after international disapproval the Chinese decided to ban all attempts to climb the mountain.

In a case of a group of American climbers camping near to the mountain caused an accelerated growth of nails and hair overnight.  After 12 hours,  the hair and nails had grown to what would be expected in 2 weeks time.  

Numerous travelers have looked at the peak of the mountain and have suggested that its appearance seems to have been a result of some type of human intervention. Russian scientists have proposed that the top of Mount Kailash is an ancient man-made pyramid structure and the center of a complex of an extensive network consisting many smaller pyramids (reference to the original research has not been sourced). In fact, it is said that each of the four sides of Kailash points directly to the four cardinal points of the compass. How this was measured is to our knowledge unknown.

Stories have also emerged for the two lakes (Mansarovar and Rakshas Tal) situated next to the mountain. According to locals Lake Manasarovar remains calm irrespective of the weather conditions whereas Rakshas Tal is supposed to be constantly wavy. Groups camping by lake Mansarovar claimed to have heard unexplained sounds of splasing waters and ornaments. There are stories that the Sapta Rishis or seven sages mentioned in Indian mythology come and bathe every morning at the Mansarovar Lake.

Tibetan writings state that the mountain has the force to change reality, perception and time. Is there really something unique about mount Kailash? Is it a major energy center? Or have the pilgrims visiting the location maintained and generated unsubstantiated storires? The sure thing is that new research has to be done on the location similar to the exceptional work of Dr Semir Osmanagich who discovered the huge Bosnian pyramid

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