When UFOs Interrupted a Football Match

On October 27th 1954 in Florence, Italy the local team of Fiorentina was playing against  rival, Pistoiese. On that day there were 10,000 spectators. During the second half of the game at approximately 14:20, a fleet of UFOs approached the stadium at a tremendous speed and abruptly decelerated just above the spectators. A roar of amazement was followed by an eerie silence. The football players also noticed and spontaneously stopped the game and looked up to the UFOs. The game just stopped. The whole incident lasted for about two minutes. According to the official report submitted by the referee the game was suspended for 10 minutes as crowd and players were busy with looking at the sky.

The objects were described as elongated; as egg or cigar-shaped. They appeared as if flying in pairs or alone. Witnesses saw a type of shiny thread-like substance floating from the sky at the time that the UFOs were in sight. In fact the angel-hair phenomenon as its known was a common “side-effect” of UFO sightings during those years.The substance would disintegrate at contact but a young man by the name of Alfrede Jacopozzi was able to collect some of the threads and seal them in a test tube. The threads were taken to the local university for examination. The substance was fibrous and highly resistant to tension and torsion. The chemical analysis showed that the threads contained boron, silicon, calcium and magnesium.

The incident cannot be dismissed as a mass hallucination; we must not forget that the UFOs appeared in front of 10,000 spectators. Prior to reaching the stadium the UFO fleet was visible from the city’s center. Also, on the days before and after the incident there were numerous UFO sightings in many towns across Tuscany. It seems that most of the witnesses were convinced that they saw something strange. However, according to available information some didn’t think to much of it. Some people are so conditioned that they will not even believe their own eyes.

Until today, nobody has come with a credible explanation of what happened that day. Was this fleet of UFOs  of alien origin or was it just an experiment to see how masses react to UFOs.

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