The Unknown Athens Telepathy Experiment of 1928

On the 14th of November 1928 the Greek Psychic Studies Society and the Metapsychical Institute of Paris conducted a fascinating telepathy experiment. On each side (Athens and Paris), academics, scientists and teams of mediums acting as transmitters and receivers of telepathic messages were gathered to conduct, control and observe the experiment.

The objective of the experiment was to prove that telepathic messages could be sent and received between long distances (in this case between Athens and Paris). The experiment used picture drawing to transmit messages. The mediums on each side visualised and drew a series of shapes that were telepathically sent to the receivers thousands of kilometres away. Transmitters and receivers had no way to share their information through any means of telecommunication technology. Once the experiment was completed the drawing of the senders and the receivers were sent by post so that both sides could assess drawings for similarities and conclude on the extent to which the experiment could prove that telepathy took place.

The image below depicts the images telepathically sent from Paris (on the left side) and how these were received in Athens (right side). Although the receiver’s drawings are not accurate we can see that the receivers were definitely picking up something and certainly there was no possibility of a coincidence.

The teams also assessed the telepathic messages sent from Athens to Paris. The image below provides a good example in which the message was sent with relative success.

The presence of numerous scientists and observers in both cities guaranteed that the results were reliable and had not been tampered with. In the following years the experiment was successfully repeated and the Greek Psychic Studies Society was able to build a good reputation for itself and convince many sceptics and academics. The Greek Psychic Studies Society and especially its founder Aggelos Tanagras backed by his reputation persuaded the University of Athens to include a module on experimental telepathy in 1928 and a few years later in 1933 to include a complete series of modules on psychic phenomena.

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