Unknown Structures on the Dark Side of the Moon


Dr Ken Johnston’s testimony regarding the existence of some type of intelligence-made buildings on the dark side moon is not unique. A number of ex-NASA, ex-secret services individuals have come forward with their experiences. Some years back, Johnston went public and disclosed what was really found on the dark side of the moon.

It’s worth looking into this testimony as it comes from a reliable source. Dr Johnston was one of five test pilots assigned to work with the astronauts of the Apollo Moon Program with a rich academic, professional and military background. In 1969 Dr. Johnston held responsibility for controlling and cataloguing all of the data and photographs generated from the lunar missions and collected from the lunar receiving laboratory. Probably no other individual at that time had a fuller picture of the data and images collected by the lunar missions.

Johnston’s core testimony of structures on the dark side of the moon comes from the time of the Apollo 14 mission. The Apollo 14 craft was split in to two modules. While the lunar module landed on the moon for the two astronauts to conduct experiments on the ground the command module would continue to fly over the moon. Part of the command module’s mission was to fly over the dark side of the moon and take photos. It is estimated that the photos and videos were taken from an altitude of around 50 miles.

One day, the director of NASA’s astronomy department (Thornton Page) requested from Johnston the projection of some films from the dark side of the moon to a group of NASA scientists . Johnston set-up the private camera showing and invited the group. While looking at the images they came across the Tsiolkovskiy crater. Half of the crater was covered in a shadow. In the shadow they were able to identify a cluster of domes which appeared to generate their own light. Dr Page and the scientists looked carefully at the images; they played the film again and again: paused the images and zoomed into them. Dr Page and the scientists just chuckled.

At the end of the projection, Johnston took the film back to the laboratory. There he saw three individuals paint spraying on the film’s negatives. When Johnston asked them what they were doing they said that they were just hiding the starts in the horizon so as to confuse viewers.

The next day, Johnston played the film wanting to show the structures to colleagues. When he reached the Tsiolkovskiy crater images he realised that the domes were no longer there. Examining the film he realised that the lights had been airbrushed; a new master copy had been made with all the structures evidence removed. Later that day, Johnston met Dr. Page and asked him about what had happened with the evidence. Dr. Page answered: “There was never anything there”.


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