Water Reserve the Size of Lake Superior Found Under Volcano


Scientists from the University of Bristol have inferred that a huge magmatic lake lies at a depth of 15 kilometres below the  dormant volcano  of Uturuncu in Bolivia, South America. What is interesting though is that this lake of magma contains water. After a series of experiments and investigations, the scientists have estimated that the mass of partially molten rocks (the rest 80% is  solid rock) found under the volcano contains dissolved water at a proportion of 8%to 10%. 

The volume of water available is equivalent to that of some of the world’s major freshwater lakes. It is estimated that the amount of water is somewgere between Lake Superior and Lake Huron. Geological studies are indicating that large water reserves lie deep beneath the Earths surface. A few years back, scientists confirmed the existence of  a  gigantic underground water reserve equivalent to three times the world’s oceans. Are these underground water reserves  dormant or do they form part of the world’s water cycle? It seems that the model of precipitation-evaporation-condensation oversimplifies how water moves around our planet.

Photo:  Einalem

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