Your problems and suffering are just an illusion


The root of all our problems and suffering is our  identification with our body and mind. When you believe that you are your body, thoughts, emotions and trapped in your ego and materialism you will suffer.

If you want to get rid of your suffering and problems  the only option is to stop identifying yourself with your physical body your mind and emotions. Your suffering and problems are just an illusion. Your ego, mind and emotions are but an illusion and do not exist since they are manifestations of your brain.

When you have thoughts you have form. When thoughts cease you can experience emptiness. It is important to realise that to stop suffering; stop depression and stop believing that you are overwhelmed with problems. You could solve one problem in your mind but soon other new problems will emerge indefinitely.

Being in the moment, in the “here” and the “now” is the only reality we have. You can achieve this by observing yourself and the world while being conscious that your physical body, emotions, thoughts and everything surrounding you is an illusion. By meditating everyday you can gain an understanding of what your really are. Meditation enables you to dive deeper in to yourself and clearly see the difference between what you are and what you think you are. In this way you will gradually detach yourself from your ego and gain a better understanding of what rally matters.

Your not your thoughts nor your emotions: both come and go. For sure you are not your body either as you will experience physical changes. Your body is governed by impermanence.

You are pure existence and the permanent observer not affected by the impermanent nature of thoughts, emotions and the physical body. You are an expression of the one source where everything originates from, you are beyond form, you are what you feel when you are in a state of total silence when no thoughts are present. You experience your true nature when you are in the present moment, 100% focused, peaceful; full of love; experiencing yourself as the drop and the ocean at the same time.

When you achieve this state of being you will experience the revelation that everything else is just an illusion and that problems and suffering are just part of the illusion.

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