85% Of What We Worry About Never Materializes

Worrying is a behavioral pattern that does not serve us. We cultivate fear of what might happen in the future and become paralysed. Most importantly, worrying drains us from energy and disconnects us from the present where life really happens and where we can take action. An untamed mind is capable of creating the most intricate and complicated horror stories and scenarios of negative outcomes. During this process we get worked up lose the ability to reason and  become convinced that these dark scenarios will happen.

It´s evident that worrying is an unreliable behavioral pattern but many of us still need someone external to convince us. Well now we have the numbers to prove it. University of Cincinnati researchers found that eight-five percent (85%) of what we worry about never happens. Of the 15% that does happen, 79% of the participants responded that they were able to turn around situations or learn something valuable from the experience. This means that for most of us worries do not pose a real threat, they are just part of a mind game that drains our energy. Although our personal past experience demonstrates that we can turn around situations we still engage in too much worrying. Why is that? The answer is simple, we are not conscious of our thought process. Thoughts have taken over.

French renaissance philosopher Michel de Montaingne (1553-1592) wrote:

“My life has been filled with terrible misfortune; most of which never happened”