How the Media Brainwashes and Polarises Society


Mass Media are probably the top source of, fear, brainwashing and polarity in our societies. Channels and newspapers  take sides as they serve the agendas of their owners and their controllers. They feed us and influence us with lies and superficial and empty statements. It’s any easy job because they know that still many of us are conditioned to believe that “if it’s on TV then it definitely true”.

The mass media are owned and controlled by large corporations. Large corporations maintain close relationships with political system. You scratch my back and I´ll scratch yours mentality develops between the polical system; corporations and the media.

Journalists and politicians play the game together. Situations are presented as black or white. One side is portrayed as righteous and sensible while the others are just malevolent, stupid. Information that does not serve is ignored or hidden while that which supports the agenda is amplified and repeated.

Unfortunately most of us are victims to the media lies. We just have to look at social media. Many of us propagate what we just heard on the news or from a personality or journalist.

So how do media networks polarise and brainwash us?

Media presents situations as “Black or White”

It is easier to convey messages as absolute than to open long discussions in which society can participate and a reach a consensus. Dialogue and empathy are time consuming. Media networks serve specific agendas so they prefer to present situations in a simple way and create dilemmas: “It’s this or the other. You cannot choose nothing in between.” The “black or white” approach is a powerful thought-stopping technique.

Most European media has caused a significant amount of polarity over immigration. It seems that the only available options are the two extremes. “Everyone is free to enter Europe; no questions asked” or “We don’t let anyone in and kick-out all foreigners already living in the country”. Unfortunately many of us fall into this trap. In this brainwashed and polarised state it’s hard to accept an alternative opinion or have an in-depth discussion. As a consequence we have the creation of stereotypes, and the segregation of people. Some will unconsciously reach to wrong conclusions “if he´s not happy with the immigration situation he must be a racist”

Sensationalisms maintains viewership

The media want to amplify every news item to keep the public engaged. It´s all about viewership. The media are masters in making extravagant claims and interpretations. Media taps into our emotions, fears and insecurities to keep us engage. Conditioned to believe the media we buy-into their exaggerated claims.  

They repeat the message until you are brainwashed 

The media repeat the messages that serves them over and over again. After years of immersion in to this system we unconsciously passively accept a world controlled by corporations. They dictate how we think what we eat and how to behave.

What can we do?

The media propaganda is blatantly obvious now and many our trying to understand situations by doing their own research and not taking everything they see on the major media for granted. It sometimes takes year of personal research to understand the media propaganda model and admit your ignorance.

Corporations controlling governments and the media don´t want a population that is well educated and informed and capable of critical thinking. Voicing your opinion and communicating with others about this subject is the one thing that you can do to raise awareness. It is important for people to become aware of the effects of the propaganda.