Paul Dienach: Memories From Year 3905 AD

Paul Dienach a professor from Vienna, Austria fell into a coma on May of 1921 as a consequence of a long-term health condition. He wakes up a year later in a hospital in Switzerland (May 1922). During this year Dienach’s consciousness travels to the body of his reincarnation in the year 3905, a scientist by the name of Andreas Northam. He stays with this future body for a year and experiences life in the 40th century.  During this year in the future, he visits the “Valley of the Roses” the spiritual capital of our planet (a city somewhere in the Mediterranean) and learns about mankind’s history from the 20th to the 40th century as presented to him by a historian from the future.

After waking up from the coma Paul Dienach kept a journal in his native language (German) of all the experiences he had during his year in the future. He leaves hospital and moves to Greece to work as professor of German for 2 years. In Greece he develops a strong friendship with Georgios Papachatzis (who would later become a dean of Panteion University in Athens). A few year later, in 1924, Dienach dies from turbeculosis at the age of 38. His memoirs from the future are handed to Papachatzis. Papachatzis translates the memoirs to Greek and publishes them in 1965 in a book entitled “The Valley of the Roses”.

The book provides a historical overview of the future as seen by the future human of the 40th century. Here´s what we have:

20th and 21st century

Information from this era is reliable. We have already experienced these situations or we can see them coming. Let’s not forget that what was written for these two centuries was not happening at the time that Dienach wrote his journal (1922)

This period will be a time of  cultural and intellectual degradation. Many humans will have serious psychological problems and conditionsΑιώνας πολιτισμικής και πνευματικής υποβάθμισης. The youth will not have role models or ideals. The only role models will be sordid singers and heartless millionaires.

In the 21st century we have an unprecedented explosion of the world’s population. Overpopulation causes many problems.

  • Agricultural production cannot support the population. We start to cultivate in the ocean to produce food from sea plants. Fresh water becomes a scarce good.
  • Cities are gigantic. People live in small spaces.
  • We make first attempts to control world population
  • We start to defend country economies against attempts of control by private interests
  • We make first attempts to colonise other planets
  • Distances are a thing of the past.
  • We have weapons of mass destruction and we are in serious risk of reaching extinction. Progressively we start to have international laws to prevent mass destruction.

22nd and 23rd century

During the 22nd century we have the introduction of a global nationality. In 2204 we complete the colonisation of Mars. The colony grows and reaches a population of 20 million. In 2265 we have a big disaster on Mars that results in a total destruction of the colony. We abandon plans to colonise other planets

24th centrury

In 2309, humankind is hit by an immense disaster. The disaster is man made and is a measure to finalise the long-lasting world war. Large populations move into new areas.

In 2396 we have a change in the calendar. We reset the calendar and start from year 1. A Wolrd commonwealth is established. World leaders consider themselves as servants of the whole world.

25th century

Political leadership is assigned to elected  scientist and intellectuals. A new redistribution of wealth and labour guarantees abundance and a comfortable life for all. We live in global peace. However there is no spiritual evolution as humans consider technology and economy as the only drivers of evolution (this mindset holds until the 29th century).


2nd edition was released in 1979

29th century

With the founding of a new city by the name “Valley of the Roses”  we have the start of a global spiritual renaissance. The city is founded by 200 intellectuals and thinkers of the time with the objective to advance spiritual development. The “Valley of the Roses” is founded in 2894 somewhere in Southern Europe (Mediterranean).

34th century

We begin to develop and use their ability to perceive beyond the five senses and have direct knowledge from the universe. It is the beginning of advanced spirituality and perception.

40th century

People have acquired spiritual values. There is a great sense of brotherhood, respectfulness and spiritual wealth. The unbelievable and supernatural is now a reality. The “Valley of the Roses” reaches a population of 6 million made up of the Earth´s spiritual and intellectual elite.